Smoke Detector – Battery Operated Smoke Alarm


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Product Description

There is no question. The Early detection of smoke and fire is key to protecting your home and family.

Smoke detectors can save lives and prevent damage to your home or business by warning you about smoke or fire as soon as possible. The First Alert battery operated smoke detector that offers an affordable and convenient way to add protection to any space without the electrical required to install a hardwired smoke alarm.

The First Alert FG250BA is well suited for residential use in areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, basements, garages, all the way up to commercial applications such as hospital rooms, hotels, dormitories, and multifamily dwellings. These smoke alarms have a compact, low profile design, are easy to install, and are intended to be mounted on a wall or ceiling with the included hardware.

Being battery operated means that these units will keep working even if the power goes out and they will automatically notify you with an audible “chirp” when the battery is ready to be replaced. The batteries were designed to be easily replaced without needing to remove the smoke detector from the wall or ceiling and as an added safety feature the cover has a tamper-resistant lock and cannot be closed unless a battery is in the unit.

Key Features & Details:

  • Uses ionization sensors to more effectively detect the particles produced by flaming fires
  • Battery powered for wireless operation wireless operation
  • Silence button to manually stop the alarm
  • Test button to ensure smoke detector is in good working order
  • Battery power light indicator
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm
  • Powered by a 9-volt battery (included)
  • Low power warning and tamper resistant locking pin
  • Quick battery replacement with the hinged cover design
  • 10-year limited warranty in Canada