Deluxe First Aid Kit


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Product Description

This kit is named the Deluxe First Aid Kit because it has it all! It is stocked with the necessary tools to equip you to manage a wide array of situations.

There are many innovative features to this kit including the new Quick Bandage™. You simply pull the band aid from the tab and it removes the lining for quick and easy bandage placement. It also has a reflective strip on the kit itself, making it easier to locate during an emergency.

-10 Cotton Tip Applicators
-5 Antiseptic Wipes
-5 Hand Cleansing Towelettes
-5 Sting Relief
-1 Eye Shield
-34 Quick bandages
-2 Fabric Patch Bandages
-4 Fabric Knuckle Bandages
-4 Fabric Fingertip Bandages
-5 Butterfly Closures
-6 Gauze Pads
-1 Paper Tape
-2 ABD Dressings
-1 Stainless Steel Splinter Forceps
-1 Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors
-1 CPR Mask with One Way Valve
-3 Pairs of Disposable Gloves
-4 Roller Gauze
-2 Small Cold Pack
-1 Elastic Bandage
-1 Mylar Blanket
-1 Simple Wrap
-1 12 hour Glow Stick
-1 First Aid Guide
-1 Forehead Thermometer
-1 Non Woven Triangular Bandage
-1 Bio-Hazard Bag
-1 Malleable Finger Splint
-1 Nylon Bag

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