Failure Point: How To Determine Burning Building Stability


Product Description

In his new book, author Howard J. Hill describes building construction features and how to recognize collapse dangers for all types of buildings and construction methods.

The book contains a wealth of useful information, including discussions about:

  • key elements that warn of imminent fire-induced collapse
  • how to prevent injuries to operating personnel
  • adapting risk/benefit techniques to manage firefighting personnel on the fireground
  • how building codes affect fire-induced building collapses
  • and much more!

Failure Point is an important resource for chief officers, company officers, firefighters, and code officials. It meets Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) requirements for the Building Construction for Fire Protection course.

Features and Benefits

  • An overview of fire-induced damage to buildings
  • An analysis of structural damage, including how building codes can fail to adequately protect firefighters and the public
  • Methods to prevent future catastrophic fire-induced structural failure
  • Companion disk with video examples of several structure types


  • Introduction
  • Fire-induced damage to buildings
  • An analysis of structural damage
  • Risk management for the fire service
  • Preventing fire-induced building collapses
  • Index

214 Pages/Hardcover/6×9/September 2012