Water Thievery: The Art of Water Supply Operations


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Product Description

By: Andy Soccodato

Water supply is one of the most critical tasks to address on the fireground. Effective water supply operations provide the needed volume of water for the current operation and support the flow requirements for escalating incidents.

Andy Soccodato’s Water Thievery: The Art of Water Supply Operations is a culmination of institutional knowledge, real-world experience, and lessons learned. This book urges the supply pumper operator to think proactively so they always know what to do when more is needed and can become a resource for others seeking solutions.  

Get a thorough understanding of advanced water supply tactics, including: 

  • Alternative Drafting Techniques & Rural Water Supply Operations 
  • Four-Way Hydrant Valve Operations  
  • Water Supply for Aerial Apparatus 
  • Large Flow Operations and Tactics